Let me start at least…(The itch)…

Was just taking a “political spectrum ” quiz on facebook….have always believed myself to be a economic right social liberal ..However when the volley of questions began i was bewildered at how confusing the answers might appear to any psycho analyst…….began to cringe at the prospect of being labelled a leftist..but to my relief just what i thought i was……so there you are..some of these “quizzes” are not so idiotic after all…

(This rambling can be safely attributed to that well documented phenomenon called the “writers blog(sorry block….pun intended)….”.or should we call it the bloggers’ block?…..Was thinking better not start unless we have something substantial to offer to whet our and our readers'(if there ever will be) apetittes but then the “itch” got the better off me…more about this later….


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