Harishandrachi Factory

Saw a special screening of the Oscar nominated “Harishchandrachi factory” the last Sunday of March…It was quite a surprise in itself as i had never realised that it was a non commercial film requiring “special screenings” (at least outside Maharashtra)…

It is quite a pity that hardly anyone has heard about (let alone rave about) this film. Does throw light upon the “bollywood”ization of cultural tastes though…..

Cut to the actual screening though…Encountered a horde of suburban Maharashtrians(not the usual town folk) and a good number of film enthusiast Malyalis….

The film itself was gripping and emotion packed right from the start…Could not keep the tears from rolling despite an ever sceptical mom…..

It is much to the credit of the director that one hardly feels like being a part of an audience watching a performance. It is more like reliving the journey of an idealistic yet visionary common man

The picture essentially takes one through the genesis of Dadasaheb Phalke’s “Indian motion picture” dream and effortlessly and jocundly narrates the adventure of successfully living the dream. The characterisation and authenticity element was commendable though one could not help notice that some of the dialogues were artificial and more typical of 21st century Marathi rather than the urban Bramhin variety of the past.

One question that would invariably come is as to how much is fact and how much is fiction. Mr Mokashi was quite candid in acknowledging that though the broad outline was culled from available literature the details were really a product of his imagination. It is here that the critic could step in by challenging the authenticity of the period representations.

But one should give him the benefit of doubt of that especially since he has produced such a marvellous entertainer that makes all of us feel good and brings back that touch of classic poignancy to film-making.


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