My amusing predilecation

Well….. What a title for an article…One might wonder what this guy is going to reveal…some embarrassing confession or amazing eccentricity…….

Let me spill the beans…I may be a “: one in a million” Indian to suffer from the strange “malaise” or affliction of being an” Anglophile”. One might well be aghast at what may seem to be a startling confession….

But then this is something which has never been a secret……I have revelled in this uniqueness for quite some time now…

So what exactly does it mean to be an Anglophile…

 One common view held is that such a state of mind is a result of a “colonial hangover”.I always wonder what they mean by that….Are they suggesting that the basic tenets of the Vitorian outlook is in any way regressive or past its expiry date?..If that is the contention that i would strongly rebut it..

Well, how did it begin?…An interrupted diet of  “English”( by that i mean the quintessential cultural quotient) literature ?..Enid Blyton, Agatha Christie,PG Wodehouse et all…..A sustained domination in English class( even college for heaven’s sake!!!)…and last but not the least the terrible “neither here nor there” syndrome of cosmopolitan urban India of the ’90’s…….And finally I suppose the unflinching rooting for the underdog (which the Brits had definitely landed up as at least in sports)

And how will it end(everything has to has it not,, wet dreams included..!!!!)………….

……………… this space for more rambling !!!!


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